ProfilerToolbar v0.2.4

Profiler module for kohana framework

ProfilerToolbar it is another implementation of the DebugToolbar written by Aaron Forsander, but has additional features.

  Project on github:

The module has three parts: HTML, Firebug and error page

Part 1: HTML

Below you can see how looks the module:

Tab examples:

Part 2: Firebug

Below you can see how looks the module in Firebug:

Short info:

Full info:

Part 3: error page

Below you can see how looks error page:

If you don't want to use my error page, just delete modules/profilertoolbar/views/kohana/error.php


How to add your data

Example from screenshot
  $user = new stdClass();
  $user->name    = 'John';
  $user->surname = 'Smith';
  $user->phone   = '+71231231231';
  $user->childs  = array('William','Joseph','Jasmine','Alexa','Kaitlyn');
  ProfilerToolbar::addData('test string');
  ProfilerToolbar::addData(rand(1, 1000)/ rand(1, 1000));
  ProfilerToolbar::addData('other data','second tab');


Click on the icon in upper right corner :)

Notice: In the demo just static data to demonstrate the display of module.

Notice 2: On this page you will not see Firebug data. Testing module on your projects and don't forget enable Net Panel in Firebug :)

Notice 3: You can disable HTML output in config file and use only Firebug data:

  return array(
    // rendered panel data settings
      'enabled' => false, // if set FALSE, panel don't be rendered on page
    // firebug data settings
      'enabled' => true, // if set FALSE, panel don't be shown in firebug